Welcome to the Events page

This is the events section of the KACAS website. Here, you will find the latest information regarding outings and events organised by the club. You should check this page regularly as it contains details of trips that you may like to attend.

If you wish to attend any of the commercial fishery outings, please email matchbookings@kingsarmsas.com in advance to inform the competition secretary as numbers/pegs are limited.

If any one fails to turn up on the match, they will still be expected to pay the FULL PRICE OF THE DAY TICKET.

Lastest Events:

Fur & Feather - 9th December 2018

Meet 08:00am at venue, 15 pegs only few remaining. Must Book to fish.

Magic Lakes (Small Lake)

Match 15 - 25th November 2018

Meet 06:00am Windmill Lane

Whitings Farm (M.K Water)