Club Fisheries

If any member has any information to add to the above or old photographs please contact the Chairman at our Meetings or email them to the WebMaster.

Faints Lake

An excellent mixed fishery in West Cheshunt that produces all year. Comprises of 20 swims and contains Crucian Carp, Carp, Tench, Rudd, Perch and Roach. Key No. 1 Required. Open all year

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Moat Lake

A small lake situation behind St.Marys school. has a large stock of small carp and a few bigger carp as well as a 4lb goldfish. Key No. 1 Required. Open all year

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Brookfield Lake

Otherwise known as Cheshunt North Reservoir contains a large head of Carp to around 25lb. Bream to 10lb, plus Tench, Roach and Rudd. More Carp have been stocked in 2005. Night fishing on designated swims. Open all year.

Tips: Feeder tactics for Bream. Ledgering for the Carp with Boilies. Dont neglect the margins!

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Friday Lake

Now open all year. A real specimen water in its natural state with carp to over 40lb, Tench to 12lb plus large Bream and Pike. Night Fishing for members only. Three rods plus marker rod. Stocked with Fishers Pond Carp for the past 5 years, the early fish are now 30lb+. Also one bank of the Powdermill Cut that runs adjacent to the lake. Connected to the River Lee, produces mainly Tench and Pike with occasional other species. Now open all year! Parking restrictions may apply for night anglers, please contact the club or check the News page for updates.

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Seventy Acres, Hooks Marsh, River Lee and Relief Channel

Shared fishery which is part of the newly formed Fishers Green Consortium.

Fishable by members from June 16th with Fishers Green Consortium Ticket Only.

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Langridge Lake and Relief Channel

Stretch of channel and part of Langridge Lake. Contains Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Perch and Pike. Key No. 2 required..

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Turnford Consortium

Four Lakes which make up the Turnford Angling Consortium. Pass card and membership card required. Secure fishery with combination locked gate.

26lb 1oz 27lb 8oz 31lb 8oz Mark B