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Lastest News:

Membership Renewal Nights - Tuesday 18th and 25th March 2014

Comrades Club, 171 Crossbrook Street, Cheshunt EN8 8UU at 7:30pm

The above dates are the only evenings where you can renew in person.

Please bring your letter and BLUE I.D Photocard along on either date

Friday Lake Parking - June 16th 2013

As from June 16th 2013 the LVPRA are changing the lock that gives access to Waltham Common Lock

We have never had access rights to use this Car Park in our Lease but over the years some Disabled Anglers and Bailiffs

gained a key as a concession from the Park.

Unfortunately some of these keys have fallen into the wrong hands and have been illegally copied. This was brought to a head recently by an angler taking an illegal key to the LVRPA’s official locksmith and asking for a key to be cut.

The key was recognized and the request was refused and the matter referred back to the LVRPA who have made this decision at a senior level and handed it down to Fisheries.

We do not know who the angler was as yet but are waiting for further enquiries to take place

Brookfield Lake Parking - August 31st 2012

You had been Warned –Parking at Brookfield Lake

Due to recent events at Brookfield Lake the access lock has now been changed by the Council, and the normal key issued for Faints and the Moat will not work.

Members had been warned about the parking restrictions placed on us by the Council and have chosen to ignore them.

The Local residents complained to the Council about breaches of these regulations and provided photographic evidence to back up their complaints.

They also complained about the language used by members to them when confronted, the litter left behind together with human excrement left in the Park.

This is totally unacceptable and disciplinary action will be taken against all offenders.

While we appreciate that some of the latter may not be attributable to our members they have laid the burden of guilt firmly at our Door.

Registered Disabled Members will still have access but will have to meet specific criteria required to obtain one.

Applications for Permits available at meetings or by Post (SAE required) please.

Issued by
Executive Committee

Coaching Update - August 15th 2012

National Fishing Month Open day Following problems at our Brookfield Lake Fishery that resulted in the cancellation of our Event on Saturday August 4th we have rearranged the event for Saturday August 18th at our Faints Lake Fishery.

Please click here for a map showing its location.

Starting at 9am and running through to 1pm this will be an introduction to Basic Angling our equipment with help and Advice on Hand. Further event will be held on Wednesday Evenings as below No Charge is made for any of our events.

Brookfield News - August 7th 2012

Brookfield Lake is available for fishing!!!

Brookfield News - July 2012

As of Friday 29th July, Brookfield Lake is closed to angling due to the presence of blue green algae until further notice on EA advice. This algae can produce toxins, These toxins can kill wild animals, livestock and domestic pets. In humans, they can cause rashes after skin contact and illnesses if swallowed. The Environment Agency is monitoring the situation.

National Fishing Month Brookfield - July 2012

Due to the above problems we have decided to cancel our National Fishing Month Open Day due to take place on Saturday, August 4th. We will attempt to resurrect our Junior Training programme once we have evaluated the suitability of our other waters.

Parking at Brookfield - July 2012

Brookfield vehicular access is restricted to parking permit holders and officials only, members are not allowed to drop off their tackle then park elsewhere.



If you require a parking permit, you must apply at a meeting or by post, giving reasons i.e. Disabled or elderly infirm.

Angling Direct Club Night

On Thursday Evening, August 16th, Angling Direct in Waltham Cross will be holding a Club Night from 5pm until 9pm. In attendance will be England Internationals, Will Raison and Steve Ringer plus Ritchie Rich all from Daiwa Sports to answer any questions you may have. Best of all is a 20% discount (excluding price checked items) to Kings Arms Members on Goods plus a Raffle for a Daiwa Connoisseur G20 Pole It’s too good to miss so come along!

Angling Direct Waltham Cross
Unit 4
Eleanor Estate
Herts EN8 7HF
01992 769769

Anglers Survey - July 2012

Kings Arms Angling Society have been contacted to assist with a survey. If you have the time please click here to take the survey.

Annual Prizegiving - 12th May 2012

The Annual Prizegiving will take place on Saturday 12th May 2012 in the Main Hall at the Comrades Club starting at 7.30pm. The Presentation of Trophies starts at 8.45pm

Entrance is Free

Water Closures

Due to Club Competitions Brookfield Lake will be closed on the dates below:-

Brookfield Lake 8th July Pegs 1-8 Junior Match Until 2pm

Brookfield Lake 15th July Whole Lake Club Match Until 5pm

Brookfield Lake 25/26th August Whole Lake Carp Match Until 1pm Sun

Angling Direct - Special Events

Angling Direct at Waltham Cross are holding special events this year, with experts on site to demonstrate various products (NB I’ve been told by Len that if someone spends more than £10 on sponsors tackle/bait, they get free entry into a raffle). Details below:

    31st March Chris Rose & Steve Spurgeon ( Carp specialists)
    14th April Korda & Daiwa (tackle manufacturers)
    28th April Ian Day, Andy Findlay & Des Shipp (Preston, Sonubaits & Avid tackle)
    19th May Steve Ringer (Guru & Daiwa tackle)
    30th June Nash Peg One (Nash Match tackle)

The AGM will be held at the Comrades club on Tuesday, March 13th starting at 8.00pm. All members welcome. No rejoining will take place on this night.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held at the Comrades club on Tuesday, March 13th starting at 8.00pm. All members welcome. No rejoining will take place on this night.

Rejoining Nights

These will be held also at the Comrades Club on the following two Tuesdays, the 20th and 27th of March. After these dates all renewals and new members will be dealt with via the PO Box address right. Renewal nights start at 19.30 hrs.

National Fishing Month 2012

Not really a month but more like 6 weeks. This will start with an open day on August 4th for anyone wanting to try Angling and from then if they want we will be running a series of Coaching Sessions on Wednesday evenings until September 12th. Suitable Tackle and Bait are provided. A full list of sessions is available with your membership pack or on the Website. Please pre-book so we can organise enough helpers.

Work Parties

Members now only have to do one work party a year or be surcharged the sum of £10 which will be added to the following year’s subscription.

Club Working Parties start at 9am and a list for 2012 can be found on the Website or in your renewal pack.

Always worthwhile is the Turnford Work Party on 15th April 2012. Meet in the Car park at 8.30am and learn more about this productive fishery.

Also the Fishers Green Consortium will be holding three work parties on the River stretch during its Close Season. All Sundays on March 25th, April 22nd and June 10th. Meet at the Middle car park (Bailey Bridge) at 9am and if you have suitable tools take them along.

Bailiff Required

Any club members who could possibly perform some bailiff duties at Turnford, please contact Steve on 07778876648. Bailiffing would be on every third Tuesday.

Bailiff Required

Any club members who could possibly perform some bailiff duties at Turnford, please contact Steve on 07778876648. Bailiffing would be on every third Tuesday.

Brookfield Work Party

Thanks to those that turned up on 22nd Feb 2012 at Brookfield Lake for the work party.

29lb 15oz 29lb 15oz 29lb 15oz

The Brookfield Common - 18th December 2011

One of Brookfields largest residents, if not the largest, has been caught after a long time without making an appearance. The stunning common was caught on a short session from Swim 17 (Snags) by Edward Kingsbury. The fish came at 10:20pm and was tempted by a StarBaits Strawberry boilie.

Brookfield Common Carp 29lb 15oz

Congratulations to Edward on this cracking capture. Good Angling!

See the other photos on the Brookfield Lake Page

29lb 15oz       Common Carp, 28th October 2011, 29lb 15oz.

Christmas Social

Please be advised that we are holding our Christmas Social on Friday 16th December at the Comrades Club. All Welcome, No Charge and a Disco. Starts 8pm Bring your own snacks etc.

Faints Lake

In an attempt to improve the habitat before restocking the Lake again a small working party was held at the Fishery on Sunday 4th December. Made up of Exec Committee members three fish refuges were placed in the water each secured by 4 stakes driven into the water bed. Surrounded by wire and part filled with old branches they will afford some protection for the fish from Cormorants and in the future these will become features to fish to. More may be introduced to stop these predatory birds having a long straight swim in the water when chasing fish.

Yes the water was cold and thanks to our new Catering Manager, Roger Glindon for supplying the tea and hot bacon sandwiches to keep us going.

Pike Match Venue Change

Now to be held at Rib Valley, Rib Lake.

Meet 07:30 Windmill Lane.

National Report 2011

After an absence of two years a Kings Arms & Cheshunt team returned to the National Championships on 20th August. We were fishing the Division 2 Match on the Basingstoke Canal with 10 sections between Aldershot and Fleet. Our last visit to the Basingstoke Canal for a National was in 2006 when Steve Wall won the Individual Title with a large bag of Bream. Listening to Fisherman’s Blues with Keith Arthur on the way to the Match HQ it was nice to hear us given a mention by a caller wishing us Luck. Keith replied that he had yet to forgive Kings Arms for knocking out his team, Terrapins in the LAA Shield very many years ago. The convoy of cars arrived at the match HQ almost line astern apart from the lead car who missed the left turn and had to go round two roundabouts to get back to us. We all parked together and then went to register the team. With no team changes we were soon in the queue for the draw for sections and pegs. Once drawn a battery of scribes allocate the team to a section and peg in a pre-arranged order. Back to the cars for a sort out, Leanne’s got A section the furthest one away, Bill Livermore’s got B, Roger Glindon in C, Brian Harmer in E, Tony Scott in F, Steve Cable in G, Kevin Flanagan, Doug Howell and Steve Parker in section H, J and K just round the corner from where we stood but definitely not walkable. Very good maps of how to get to the sections and where to park had been supplied by the organizers. A quick sort out of bait and we all departed for our sections to fish 11am until 4pm. The following hours will be different for each team member with a mountain of stories and experiences to be related later. Most will talk about how many signal crayfish they caught, how long before they had a bite, did they net the first fish, run-ins with Pike and the persistent heavy rain that soaked us all between 1pm and 3pm. Back at the HQ around 5pm It’s clear that we haven’t got an Individual Winner or a Section Winner. Most of us have struggled to find fish, we have two blanks and a nearly blank. Leanne has had the highest weight. Five of us have reasonable points between 28 and 30. A section winner gets 47. We stand around talking until called into the Sports Hall for the Results. Individual winner weighed in 10 kilos 580 grams from D section made up of Bream and bits. Then its on to the Team Results with the top 13 teams promoted to Division 1 to fish the Bristol Avon next year. Suffice to say we are not in that 13. The Winners are local to us, Oakwood Angling, where a few of us bought our bait from. Was their bait different to ours, I doubt it. Eventually we see the full result and find we have finished near the bottom but fortunately not last. Of 47 teams we finished in 42nd place. The full results can be seen on the web at www.nfaresults.co.uk. It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts. That’s why we do it. With no promotion, next year for us is on the Keadby Canal based on the Doncaster area. We have fished it before. Date is the 28th July. Anyone interested as it will need an overnight stay somewhere for the Friday Night. The team was Steve Parker ( Captain), Leanne Kehoe, Bill Livermore, Roger Glindon, Phil Nicholas, Brian Harmer, Tony Scott, Steve Cable, Kevin Flanagan, and Doug Howell.

BrookField Lake - April 2011

When cleaning the ‘snags’ swims at Brookfield Lake our Fishery team have encountered rigs that are ‘deathtraps’ for any fish that breaks a mainline. Heavy leads up to 4oz have been recovered with a braided hooklink TIED to the swivel in the lead. Other rigs recovered have a lead core leader through rig tube and a safety clip that could not release the lead. We will not tolerate this kind of angling and Bailiffs have been instructed to check end tackle. You may be asked to reel in for the Bailiff to check. Refusal may be construed as guilt and will result in cessation of membership. On a happier note we are stocking the Lake this month with 25 Carp in the 4 – 7lb bracket. These are a Fishers Pond strain

Friday Lake - April 2011

Following a successful stocking of the Lake some years ago with fish from Fishers Pond, we are repeating the exercise with a further 25 fish in the 6 – 7lb bracket. These fish with their exceptional growth rates are expected to be 20’s within 3 years.

Faints - April 2011

This month we will continue our stocking of Faints with the addition of 500 Roach between 6 – 8 inches plus some 200 Bream of the same size.

Water Closures- April 2011

Due to Club Competitions the following venues will be closed:-

Faints Lake, 12th June, Kin Cup, Until 5pm

Brookfield Lake, 17th July, Club Match, Until 5pm

Faints Lake, 24th July, Ladies Cup, Until 5pm

Brookfield Lake, 27th, 28th July, Carp Match, Until 1pm Sun

Friday Lake, 6th November, Pike Match, Until 4pm

News - 2nd March 2011

Angling Direct are please to announce a partnershop with KACAS. Angling Direct would like to invite you to a one off exclusive open evening where we will be offering all club members 20% discount off anything in store, to be held:
14th April 6pm - 9pm.
Members MUST produce a valid membership card.

      Angling Direct, Eleanor Trading Estate, Waltham Cross EN8 7HF. Tel: 01992 769 769

Membership Renewal 2011-2012

Current membership expires on 31st March 2011. To renew and enjoy the benefits of fishing our waters plus the Turnford Angling Consortium and Fishers Green Consortium for the coming year, please rejoin for the 2011/2012 season.
You can renew by post to KACAS, PO Box 13, Waltham Cross, Herts, EN7 5QT (See Membership Form) or on one of the two renewal nights.

Renewal Nights Dates: Tuesday 15th March
Tuesday 22nd March
Time: 7:30pm
Place: The Comrades Club, 171 Crossbrook Street, Cheshunt, EN8 8UU.

Existing members need to bring their renewal letter and their membership card.

Interested in Fishing a National?

For many years this Society has fished the National Championships held initially by the National Federation of Anglers and now by the Angling Trust. We have never fished in the top division and seem to have found our level in the second tier. The match is held on various venues around the country and many in the past have needed an overnight stay for the match is fished on a Saturday. Our past successes include two Individual Champions in John Cowan (1991) and Steve wall (2006). With the match comprising teams of 10 over 10 sections each angler has a chance of a section win and its resultant medal. We have had a few of those in the past as well. It is not a cheap match to fish with bait, entry, travel and sometimes overnight accommodation to be paid for. We have not fished for the past two years due to not being able to find a team of 10 anglers willing to commit to it. In 2011 the Division 2 Match comes south to the Basingstoke Canal, on Saturday, August 20th. Based on Aldershot in Hampshire this will not require an overnight stay. If any member is interested in fishing this match and would like to be considered please submit your name to the Chairman at Meetings or by e-mail via the website. You must be a member of Kings Arms and an Individual Member of the Angling Trust (£25). If we have sufficient interest we will select a team and enter.

Fishers Green Stocking - December 2010

On Friday 26th November the Fishery was stocked with over 3000 Roach, Chub, Dace, Skimmer Bream and small Barbel. All small fish up to 6’’in size and were put in at the Top Car Park on the River. Stocked by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, the fish are a present from the Environment Agency from their hatchery at Calverton in Bedfordshire. Let’s hope they have a good Winter!
Click here to see the photos.

Discount at Angling Direct, Waltham Cross - 20th December 2010

Members showing a current KACAS membership card will recieve a 12% discount on non promotional items. This is a fantastic deal and we would like to thank Len and Phil of Angling Direct for this special rate for our members. See map here

Faints Lake - 23rd August 2010

As promised the restocking of Faints Lake has continued this month with two stockings this week. On Tuesday 24th we stocked some 120 small Carp up to 8oz from the LVRPA Hatchery at Stubbins Hall Farm. These were a mix 60/40 Commons and Mirrors. On Thursday Evening, the 26th we received the balance of 400 fish ordered from Bedwell Fish Farm in respect of some quality Roach and more small Carp. This will complete our stocking program for this year and decisions will be taken as to when and if we need more fish for March 2011. It has been reported that since the initial stocking more fish have been caught that are a residual stock that we had thought were lost. Indeed, Crucians, Roach, Perch and Tench have been taken. Members should also be aware that during the last two weeks of September we will continue to desilt the remaining areas of the Lake by the same method previously used. Hopefully at this time of year they will not have to break the ice.

Faints Lake - 8th July 2010

On Wednesday Evening some 350 Common & Mirror Carp between 4inches to 2lb were stocked into Faints Lake. The majority of these were between 4inches and 6inches plus some 60 Rudd up to 8inches Once these have settled a further introduction of fish is planned for September plus more in March 2011.

Faints Lake - July 2010

On Wednesday evening (7th July) at approximately 7pm we are expecting a delivery of Carp between 6 inches to 1lb to be introduced to Faints Lake Due to the weather conditions we have held off delivery of the Silver fish until later in the year (possibly September) It is hoped that the introduction of the Carp will colour the water again and give any indigenous fish some chance of survival. More fish to be stocked after September this year or by the latest March 2011.

The Moat - June 2010

Will members please be advised that the Moat is NOT TO BE FISHED AT PRESENT
Due to the School moving we now have new landlords who are asking us not to fish while a steel palisade fence is erected around the water. This fence will benefit us all in that we can have a secure fishery and other amenities. Further negotiations are continuing and members will be advised in due course.

Fishers Green - March 2010

Venue Guide

The Club is pleased to announce that due to a successful bid by the newly formed Fishers Green Consortium we are now able to offer members a Ticket for the whole Complex at no extra charge to your Annual subscription. Fishing will not start at Fishers Green until June 16th 2010 so members requiring a Ticket should attend a Meeting on Tuesday June 8th at the Comrades Club. You must bring with you your current membership card as proof of entitlement
Alternatively send a letter quoting your membership number and enclosing a large stamped addressed envelope to PO Box 13 Waltham Cross EN7 5QT Your membership number will be checked against the current data base and if in order the Fishers Green Ticket will be sent to you. This process will take at least one week. Tickets will not be available before Tuesday June 8th.
Details of the Fishery will be made available shortly on this site.

Lee Diversion - 26th March 2010

It is with regret that we announce that we will not be renewing our lease on this Fishery. Our Lease ended on March 15th with the start of the River Close Season. We have been unable to Bailiff this fishery as we would have liked and coupled with an imminent increase in rent have decided on this course of action.

News - 2nd March 2010

Well done to Chairman Doug on winning the Active Broxbourne Service to Sport Award for 2010.

      Presented at an awards ceremony at Broxbourne Civic Centre, the citation was for years of service to Angling with Kings Arms, The Turnford Consortium, LVACA and Coaching to all ages. Doug was nominated by members of the Executive Committee. The Award was presented by two members of the Olympic White Water Canoe Squad who also gave a talk on their hopes for 2012 on the course at Waltham Abbey.

Centenary - February 2010

This year is our Centenary Year and to mark the occasion we have organized a Dinner and Dance on May 8th at Cheshunt Sports Club, Albury Ride, Cheshunt EN8 8XG. Cost per head will be £20 with no concessions. Bookings will be taken on a First Come First Served Basis with a £5 per head deposit required. Details of Menu and a Booking Form will be sent with your subscription renewal at the end of February

Faints Lake - February 2010

In the weeks before Christmas in the bitterly cold weather the Fishery Officer. Tony Jones, Vice-Chair, Steve Tomlin, Secretary Steve Parker and a few brave members used an industrial suction pump on one half of Faints Lake to reduce the amount of silt and increase the depth of the Lake. In Arctic conditions these brave souls worked in the water and out to move a considerable amount of silt behind erected barriers. The remaining part of the lake is due to be done this year. These people deserve all our thanks and more. As for restocking it is our intention in the next month to introduce quantities of small Carp, Roach, Bream and Tench. The fences in the water will remain while we evaluate their effect as a deterrent to Cormorants and build up natural safe havens for the fish. More details will follow

Meetings - February 2010

Following our Winter sojourn at the Comrades Club 171 Crossbrook Street, Cheshunt. Herts EN8 8UU and the welcome we have enjoyed over that period the Committee have decided to stay at the Comrades for the foreseeable Future for all our Meetings. For those not aware of its location it�s between Theobalds Grove Station and Cheshunt Pond on the opposite side of the Road from the junction with Russells Ride.

Juniors and Night Fishing

It has come to our notice that several of our juniors are bending the rules when it comes to night fishing by turning up on a club fishery intending to night fish and then asking any senior member present to be responsible for them. This is not fair on our Senior Members. Juniors must make arrangements for a supervising Adult before entering the fishery and then abide by the following Rule.

New Fishery Rule
When on Club Fisheries that allow Night Fishing, Members under the age of 18 but over 12 when Night Fishing must fish no further than the adjacent swim to the Adult responsible for them. Juniors under the age of 12 must fish in the same swim as the Adult responsible for them. A responsible Adult must be over 18 years of age. Bailiffs will check Rod Licences for proof of age

Anglers Trust

This is a new organisation formed by the amalgamation of the NFA, NAFAC, ACA, The National Federation of Sea Anglers and the Specialist Anglers Alliance. Presently we are members of the NFA, NAFAC and the ACA for which we pay separate subs so we have joined the new organisation. This will entitle us to a discount on our insurance policies as previous through NAFAC plus legal representation in fishery disputes via Fish Legal (the old ACA). The National Matches will still be run under what was the NFA with every competitor required to be an individual member of the Angling Trust at an extra fee.

Brookfield Lake, 4th November 2008

The Environment Agency has now completed the remedial work on some of the swims at the Lake. This has cost the Agency a quite substantial amount of money, probably in excess of what was originally planned. The access to the Disabled Swims has been improved by the construction of an access path of approved gradient. Some swims on the members only bank have had additional steps put in to enable anglers to fish at the new water level, as have some on the day ticket bank. As Brookfield Lake forms part of a flood defence system feeding into the New River, the new swims have been constructed using oak, and that doesn�t come cheap, but will last for years. Now that they have finished, the next steps, quite literally, are down to the Club so we have opened a dialogue with the EA to discuss what we can do with their approval. Steps need to be put in certain swims on both the Day Ticket and Members Banks for safe access to the water level with a solid base to fish from. The margins of the Lake need to be planted with approved species of reeds and other aquatic plants to promote breeding areas and safe havens for fry. This work will not happen overnight and members will be asked for additional working parties once approval is given.

Faints Lake, 4th November 2008

With immediate effect all forms of groundbait are banned at Faints Lake including liquidised bread!

The combination of hot weather in the Summer, icing over in the Winter, the depth of silt, plus the lack of a constant water supply, has previously depleted the oxygen level in the lake. In addition, the continued use of groundbait would significantly contribute to a de-oxygenation of the water causing a fish kill. The Fishery was treated with Siltex on 30th October and a further treatment will be carried out early next year in April. Siltex will help to generate oxygen in the silt layers on the bed of the lake. Used on a regular basis over a number of years, this will reduce the amount of silt in the lake. We still have outstanding bids with the Environment Agency for disabled swims together with a hard path down one side of the lake. In October quantities of Tench, Rudd and Crucian Carp were introduced into the lake. Mainly on the small side these will supplement the existing stock and grow on in the future.


Groundbait banned at Faints Lake!!!