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Kings Arms & Cheshunt Angling Society


Whether you are pleasure fishing, carp fishing or participating in one of our poular match outings, you will need to adhere to the club rules. By joining our club, you are agreeing to compky with all of our rules that are applicable at each venue (rules differ per water). Failure to obey the rules may result in disciplinary action and you could end up banned from our club or serve a suspension. Please note: If you are disciplined you will NOT be entitled to a refund of any portion of your membership fee. So please ensure you know and stick to the rules.

Our bailiffs will be watching you and may also ask to inspect terminal tackle and check whether you have the correct equipment to ensure the safe capture and release of our fish.

  1. Admittance and Parking. All vehicles to be parked (other than bicycles) in an approved parking area.
  2. Members, day members and guests may only enter by authorised entrances and are requested to keep to the footpaths leading to fisheries banks. Where a gate has been opened to gain admittance to a fishery, then it should be closed again immediately afterwards and where necessary locked.
  3. All members, day members and guests must keep within the boundaries of Society fisheries and all official entrances must be adhered to, members must not wander on private grounds unless they have obtained special permission to do so.
  4. No member, day member or guest is to interfere with any private property, livestock or growing crops on or adjacent to any of the Society’s fisheries.
  5. It is an offence to take, attempt to take, kill or in any way interfere with any bird, game or animal life on or adjacent to any of the Society’s fisheries.1
  6. It is strictly prohibited to camp, light fires, dig the banks for worms or any other purpose or for any member, day member or guest to have on his person, use or carry any rifle, gun, small arm or gaff on any Society fishery. The use of Audio and Visual equipment is banned on all Club waters unless used with personal headphones.
  7. All Angling Trust rules shall appertain to fisheries. Particular attention is drawn to the following rules which must be observed on club waters.
  8. Only one rod may be in use at a time, although extra rods may be assembled on the bank. (Except waters where additional rods are allowed, in which case they must not be more than one metre apart.) A marker rod is allowed on Friday Lake in addition to the maximum of three rods. See Fishery Rules for number of rods allowed.
  9. Keep nets must not be smaller than the approved minimum of 2 metres long.2
  10. Where Night Fishing is not allowed anglers must be packed and clear of Society fisheries by Dusk
  11. No member, day member or guest shall take onto any Society fishery any glass bottles, tins or cans or leave broken nylon lines, hook lengths or discarded hooks on the banks of the said fisheries. All litter shall be taken away by members or placed in litter bins (where provided).
  12. All members, day members and guests must have on their person, while fishing Society waters, a valid day permit or membership card and Environment Agency Licence. Membership cards are not transferable and must not be used by unauthorised persons.
  13. Members, day members and guests must not cause annoyance or offence to any local resident, member of the local public, landlord, private or private or public servant or occupant or owner of any boat all who have the right to be on or use any Society fishery or area surrounding the same. Members, day members and guests must conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times when using club waters.
  14. No member day or guest may take away or introduce any fish without the express permission of a member of the executive Committee. All fish are to be returned as soon as practically possible, in the best possible condition.
  15. No member, day member or guest may release to the press or any other institution details regarding fish, fishing or fisheries without the express permission of the Press officer or an executive officer.
  16. Any pollution, damage to gates, locks, fences, banks, bridges, stiles, notice boards, dams sluices or matters affecting the waters in any way or any of the Society’s fisheries must be reported to a member of the executive Committee at once.
  17. All members are deemed to be Honorary bailiffs whilst on Society fisheries and must assist in the prevention of the breaking of fishery rules and conditions or the performance of any act detrimental to the Society’s interests by reporting to a member of the executive committee at once.3
  18. No member, day member or guest shall fish with litter around them, whether their own or that left by other persons.4
  19. A member may bring a guest onto Society water only at the discretion of the Secretary and before doing so must obtain written permission at the club meeting prior to the required date and purchase from him a guest ticket at the appropriate rate. Whilst on the water the member will be fully responsible in every way for his Guest’s behavior.
  20. Coloured maggots can be used but no toxic dyes allowed.
  21. The use of Audio and Visual equipment is banned on all Club Waters unless used with personal headphones.
  22. No peanuts to be used as bait or groundbait.
  23. Bent hook rigs are banned on all waters.
  24. On Club waters, members in pursuit of large fish must carry and use a landing net and unhooking mat of a size appropriate for the safe landing and unhooking of said fish.
  25. Bait Boats are banned on all Club Fisheries
  26. No braided main lines are to be used for fishing on Club waters except for spodding, marker float use and pike fishing. Use for pike fishing is only allowed during the period 1st October to 31st March, with a suitable line strength being used. Use of a braided mainline does not remove the need for using the appropriate wire trace(s). Pike anglers are reminded to exercise due diligence regarding the condition of the last 10 metres of line and remove any line showing signs of wear.


  1. If you happen to be unlucky enough to have a bird take/swallow/pickup your hook bait and it becomes attached or tangled in your tackle, you must make every effort to untangle and remove the hook from the bird. If you are uncomfortable doing this then please ask for assistance from any neighbouring anglers. Please return the bird to the lake unharmed.
  2. If you are new to carp fishing and unsure of how best to setup/assemble your rigs then please ask for advice from your fellow/neighbouring anglers. We are a friendly club and most anglers will be only too happy to offer advice. None of us want to see any 'death' rigs in use. Always feel free to ask a bailiff for tips and advice.
  3. Keepnets must not be used for carp on our waters unless specifically allowed for match purposes.
  4. Disciplinary action may be taken against offenders and refunds will not be given for members who have been banned.
  5. Illegal substances are not permitted at any of our venues, any person(s) found to be under the influence/in an unfit state to safely fish, will be banned from our waters.
  6. When taking photographs of your catch, please ensure they are held gently but securely and most importantly whilst crounched/kneeling over an unhooking mat. This ensures that if the fish does struggle it is not dropped from a height leading to dead/injured fish.
  7. Members must produce a valid membership card at the bailiffs request. No card, No Fishing. Simple!
  8. Please adhere to the bailiffs requests. Do not take offence if you are asked to have your rigs inspected.