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Kings Arms & Cheshunt Angling Society


Our fish stocks are important to us and we have to look after them so they can grow on and hopefully provide good sport each year. It is important to have the correct equipment for the type of fishing you intend to do. We do not like seeing fish dead in the lake attached to totally unsafe rigs. Rigs should always be of appropriate strength and ensure that a fish never becomes tethered. Our bailiffs may ask to inspect your rigs if they feel they may be inappropriate. Please do not be offended if asked. They will offer advice and assist you so you can fish safely on our waters (or other venues).

Our bailiffs will be watching you and may also ask to inspect terminal tackle and check whether you have the correct equipment to ensure the safe capture and release of our fish.

We have a good stock of carp in our waters and aim to protect and look after these fish. The waters will all vary in difficulty and some are more productive than others. However, if you are prepared to put in the effort then it has been proven that you could well beat your own personal best catch on one of our waters. Please note: Sacking of fish is not allowed under any circumstance and any members found doing so will be banned. Please ensure you are familiar with the rules.



  1. When photographing large fish, please ensure you do this over a padded mat that is larger in length and width than the fish. Do not stand up holding the fish! Only ever lift the fish by cradling it using both hands and arms whilst kneeling down. Try to keep the fish as close to the mat as possible so that if the fish does thrash about it you can then safely place the fish back on the mat and cover it while you regain control.
  2. Do not be tempted to wade into the water to get a magazine/tv show type style photo. The underwater margins will be slippery and may drop off to significant depths. We do not want anyone to injure themselves.
  3. If you are new to carp fishing and unsure of how best to setup/assemble your rigs then please ask for advice from your fellow/neighbouring anglers. We are a friendly club and most anglers will be only too happy to offer advice. None of us want to see any 'death' rigs in use. Always feel free to ask a bailiff for tips and advice.
  4. Keepnets must not be used for carp on our waters unless specifically allowed for match purposes.
  5. Please adhere to the bailiffs requests. Do not take offence if you are asked to have your rigs inspected.


  1. A fundamental aspect of carp fishing is the safety of our beloved quarry - the carp. Unfortunately unsafe rigs can lead to carp dying because the tackle used by some anglers does not allow heavy leads to be jettisoned by the carp in the event of the main line breaking. The reasons can be:
  2. rubbers are pushed onto clips too tightly
  3. the wrong tail rubbers to safety clips are used
  4. leaders cannot pass freely through the tail rubbers to safety clips
  5. leads are tied to clips because anglers don’t want to lose their leads
  6. Any of these causes can mean that the carp cannot get rid of any of the component parts in the event of the main line breaking... a situation which often leads to death for the carp. And it's so easy to avoid, often simply cutting the tail rubbers at an angle allows leaders to pass freely through them.

Friday Lake

Some Good News

In 2013 we lost access to parking at Cheshunt Lock to fish Friday Lake due to LVRPA Keys being illegally cut and sold on. I can now report that we have agreed with the LVRPA that members can park by Cheshunt Lock again. This will be limited to a maximum of Five Parking spots only and the keys will be issued by the Club. These Keys will be numbered, signed out for an agreed period, and then returned by the agreed time. Final details as to how to access a key will be made known shortly and the system will be in use by 1st April this year.